She's just a girl 
One who is unsure and self-doubting
No stranger to mistakes
This girl sometimes loses sight of things
Including her intended destination
Desensitized to a kind of pain

After all, she is just a girl
One who has learned the value of protection
Too quick to become defensive
But still has a hard time building a wall

This girl is regretfully sensitive 
Lacking the ability to suppress her expression
Whether it is meant or not
Despite her environment and consequences

Loves and is heartbroken far too easily
This girl
Wants it all
Wants to change the world
Wants to see the world change

This girl
She's often surrounded but ultimately feels alone
Sometimes this girl wants to run and hide
Seemingly blocking herself from that which surrounds her  
For she loves and allows hurt far too easily
Only wanting someone she can trust

She wants to be spontaneous
While knowing the feeling of home
She's so complex
There are so many layers
Sometimes the misunderstanding is too much to handle
Wanting a fresh palette 
One where things can be right
One day they will be
But for now- afterall
She's just a girl