Patiently Observing

June 5, 2013
She sits back patiently observing
As his words drift into the abyss
Too tired to exhaust her breath
She has seen this many times before
So she just sits back, patiently observing
Hoping that one day it will all be renewed
But the record has been broken for so long
She has abandoned any and all expectation
Losing sight of that which she believed was in front of her
No longer caring to receive his words
Throwing all patience to the wind
And no longer standing by to observe.

Surrounded by Beauty

June 5, 2013
I want to be surrounded by beauty,
To feel it inward and out,
Grabbing ahold of the memories and people that matter,
So I can bring a part of them with me on my journey.
Only looking to the past as a reference,
While remembering important lessons learned.
However, never as a means to feel regret.
Thoughts of the future bring contentment,
For I know, yet question what lies ahead.
As years pass my heart becomes settled,
Afforded the opportunity to create positive change,
With hope that I will remain surro...
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The Wanderer

June 5, 2013
The calluses on his feet have become strong
As the miles traveled keep growing longer
He searches for a new melody
And somewhere safe to lay his head

Each road looking like the ones passed
With no final destination in mind
Carrying with him the burden of the past
Pushing him forward, the hope of the future

A hope which seems very dim at times
Searching for that which isn't tangible
Knowing it will reveal itself in due time
Until then, he will continue to wander
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To Find Himself Again

November 12, 2010
Freshly damaged and newly hurt,
Being alone isn't something he's used to,
Hiding behind a wall isn't something he's used to,
However it is his recent found defense.

Relationships with family and friends become stronger,
While all else remains a mystery,
All else except that wall which stands strong,
And the desire to find himself again.

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She Admires From Afar

November 12, 2010
In an alternate life lies the possibility that she can know him,
She sits back and entertains the thought,
She is a stupid woman for doing so,
For he is the unfamiliar,
Not wanting or understanding these desires,
All of this frightens her,
She tries not to...but still does,
What a stupid woman,
She does not let reality have the chance to alter her perspective of him,
It has happened in the past but won't be allowed this time,
Whatever it is-she wants it to vacate,

Her thoughts cannot be explored,
Her f...

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Freed From His Chains

November 12, 2010
Thinking of him she feels nothing,
She never knew nothing felt so good,
Until his facade became transparent,
She couldn't be freed from his chains,
With her new found freedom she smiles,
For nothing has ever made her happier,
And if nothing else is taken from the experience,
She has walked away smarter and stronger
Leaving nothing behind,
Despite all of the negative she endured because of her love for him,
She can still thank him,
Now she is able to wake with a smile on her face,
And if he hadn't have ...

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Present Occurances

September 12, 2010
Present occurances lead me to re-visit those of my past
With hopes to reveal new answers
And thoughts of becoming better in the future
Better at protecting myself
Better at letting myself heal

Learning that trust isn't just given
It has to be earned
Learning that words can only be found in the shadow of actions
Now understanding when to let go, ignore or forgive

Present occurrences lead me to place all of this in front of me
Bringing awareness
Forcing decisions
And lining up my past

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Familiar Stranger II

September 11, 2010
As a friend becomes a stranger
I ask myself a million questions
A million questions that will remain unanswered
A situation that I will never understand

As a friend becomes a stranger 
I learn lessons that are harsh and new
These lessons will change me for the better
Sometimes change is desperately needed

As this friend becomes a stranger
All I can do is shake my head in disappointment 
And know that with time things will get easier
Even though it's just never easy
When a friend becomes a stranger

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Familiar Stranger I

September 11, 2010
It's only until recent
That I look at you and wonder
I wonder what you're holding back
I wonder why that uneasy feeling doesn't disappear
Sometimes I look at you and wonder if you're happy
If you've made the right decision
Or if you're harboring regrets

Sometimes I wonder if you adore me the way I do you
Or if it has worn off
And I wonder if I'm as desirable to you as I once was
I wonder if all of this is created from nothing
If I'm just unsure of your feelings
Sometimes over-analyzation can prove to be ...

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Our Secret

September 11, 2010
I can still smell you on my skin
It's a reminder of how you make me weak
And the butterflies I feel when we touch
When you're near I can't resist
I try not to reveal our secret 
But I'm afraid my eyes may give it away.

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